All of our abcOralCare toothbrushes are made with the US patented technology that makes tapered ultra fine tip bristles, 0.01mm - 0.03mm, for deep cleansing.

If the bristles are too soft it is not efficient in cleaning and easily deformed, while if the bristles are too hard although effective it will result in damaged gums and teeth enamel. Our patented Tapered Bristles technology gave us the luxury to have firmer bristles that are tapered so overall user experience is very soft, yet effective in cleaning, gentle on gums and enamels, and keep its original forms longer. Our toothbrushes can penetrate deep into the area between your teeth and gums without damage to remove plaque, the major contributor to gum disease, and food particles to prevent cavities while gently massaging gums. It gives you cleaner teeth, healthier gums and saves tooth enamel from abrasion
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